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by Ashish Dwivedi


your dreams,

confident and in shape

like the first flush of romance;

bamboozled and feverish,

mine, lost in abstraction

absolutely not transparent

and I see only fizzy bodies

spread over my eye-sheet

called the sub-conscious-

for clarity, I look at you

your dreams complete mine,

as if we are bound up together

in mental spaces,

and this pushes me to think

if Aristotle was right? if two

bodies can occupy one heart and mind?

do you dream of me tonight?

Ashish Dwivedi is an Animation and Film researcher, editor, and writer from Lucknow, India. He's an upcoming doctoral candidate at the University of Southampton, and has several poetry and CNF publications at Muse India, Literary Heist, Bandit Fiction, Poetry Pacific, amongst other places. He could be found on Instagram

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