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Midsummer Night

by Christopher Capri



Pheromones carnal course Oberon’s court –

writhing sea of bronzed flesh gilt with glitter.

Yearning limbs entwined; bodies sweat, cavort –

fleshly escapist fantasies flitter.


Gritty tablets passed on tongues melt bitter –

veins pulse and burn with enzymatic thrum –

chemically-inflamed neurotransmitter –

surging synthetically, cognitively numb.


Disco defiance of destined outcome –

denialist time dilates to deceive:

alluring alternate to mortal scrum –

grasping to prolong the fleeting reprieve.


Glitter fairyboy with galaxy eyes,

within your embrace endless promise lies.

Chris (he/him) is a poet and fiction author living near Boston, Massachusetts, whose work primarily focuses on the experiences of the LGBTQ+ community. He has been writing since childhood, avoiding recess by hiding in the school library, and is currently completing an MFA in Creative Writing and Poetry at Lindenwood University. When not writing, Chris is a practicing Fiber Artist using natural protein fibers for dyeing, knitting, and quilting, and is an educator of adult learners of English Language Arts. He is kept by two cats.

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