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Bailey Kang [Poetry]


Four by Six

four by six; subtract the meter long bed and desk, and you get a living space.

you can add to it. you should. make it breathe. paintings, music, irreverent objects like a glass tray.

make it a living space. no one wants
a dead space. take someone there.
split that space in half; make it a loving space.

lose a couple people there. search, for a while. turn the underside of your desk into a grieving space.

turn your bed into a time machine. watch as the days turn into nights, and days again. let the rubble rain.

realise the doors rusted. your pillow clinks. unchain yourself from your bed.
reclaim the other half of your space.

you'll leave, come back, and do it all over again. i'll think of something profound to say, soon.

watch this space.

Bailey Kang is an imposter, born and raised in Sydney. He's a student, a beer slinger, a loser, a winner, a tasteless, ADHD riddled, overambitious underachiever. Above all, he's a wanderer, looking for a place to call his.

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