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by Shaurya Pathania


Voices and words are overrated,

Poetry feels like this too,

and yet I pretend to write, 

I guess, singers and actors said true 

"The things we do for love".


If only we were silent

then I would have known you, 

the barrier of words haunt me, 

I don't know rhythms, rhymes, 

sounds and syllables

I don't know

repetitions, reciprocations, 

voices and words, 


How beautiful is absence of these

just like the stillness after a havoc

I aspire to be like this, 

Silence and Quietness

within me and around you


so it flourishes loudly 

between us!



Shaurya Pathania, 21(he/him) is currently pursuing his Masters in English Literature at Delhi University. An aspiring writer who likes to read Robert Frost in bed. His poems recently appeared in Synchronized Chaos, Feral Feline and The Chakkar, and are upcoming in Iris youth magazine and Wingless Dreamer Anthology. You can reach out to him @shauryapathania__ on Instagram.

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