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Variety [ by Danielle Estelle Ramsay ]

I have different teas for different memories. Loose leaf chamomile for John. Bagged chamomile for December. Jasmine for Mark. White tea for Davis Lake. You get the idea. The thing about tea, although all my social media bios say, I must be drinking it at all times, there is something attached to each whistle of the kettle. A memory or what will become a memory. Warm and smooth, mostly. You wouldn't know one of those teas was also for a break up. One for the worst day. One for an abuser. Memories, like tea, come in many varieties. Inevitably, we choose our favorites and cling to them, call it comfort, even if we over-steep, even if they have become bitter.

Danielle Estelle Ramsay is a neurodivergent and queer poet and writer based in the Pacific Northwest. She has been writing for as long as she can remember. She writes at intersections: grief with faith, queerness with religion, and so on. She is a United Methodist pastor, a parent, an anime fan, and she loves you very much.

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