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[ Issue #1 ]

Featured Post 

Awakening Trilogy
by Maggie Olson

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Keep Goin’, Boy
by Safiyya Bintali 

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Mr. Sticky Fingers
by Jody J. Sperling


Flower Bud Petals

by Adrianna Sanchez-Lopez

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Never Let Go of an Astronaut
by Samantha Crane 


Something You Can’t See
by Kristin Kozlowski 


Thick Blue Smoke

Beginnings Collection
by Ari Chadwick-Saund


Are You Awake?
by Lyndsie Conklin


Cocktail Sunsets
by Leah Mueller

Abandoned and broken down old farms and homesteads with dark and ominous skies in Alberta,

My Emily Dickinson 
by Rebecca Sturgeon

Gemini Constellation. Zodiac Sign Gemini constellation lines Zodiac Sign.jpg

by Ashish Dwivedi

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