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Issue #3

[ Fic•tion ]

by DC Diamondopolous

Stone Steps_edited.jpg

Playing Eleanor 
by Blue Adams 

Hand Writing_edited_edited.jpg

Dear X, Always Y
by KatieAnn Nguyen

New Comic Book_edited.jpg

by Kyra Kyle

Sunset Portrait_edited_edited_edited.jpg

'Die Freundin' (The Girlfriend)
by S. Berenstein  

[ Non Fic•tion ] 

Food Photography_edited.jpg

Conversations over Waffles
by Kaylynn Dresch 


Dirtfag Grows a Pair…& Then Some! 
by Calum Robertson

Green Light Ray
Treetop from Below _edited.jpg
Ruined Ancient Architecture_edited_edite

-There was a boy named Za(c)(ck)(ch)(k)
-The Trough
-Confessions to Dante

 by J.T. Smith 

[Po•et•ry ]

-what my father & i don’t talk about​
by Liam Strong

- One Night  
- Burrow

by Shane Reid

Girl watching the space. Stars are digital illustration..jpg

If Botticelli Was Wrong

by Roma Markle

-No plain Jane

-not woman

by Maggie Olson


Fancy Pants 
by Ari Chadwick-Saund

-Scattered Light

-My Boobs

by Emily Moon

Image by Artur Voznenko




by Lyndsie Conklin

Midsummer Night

by Christopher Capri

These Gays Are Trying to Murder Me
on The White Lotus
by J.D. Isip

Starry Sky_edited_edited.jpg

Grandchildren [Ambivalence]
by Gerard Sarnat



-Call Me What I am

by Blue Adams

[Letter from the Editor]

Hey everyone. I just wanted to take up some space here to tell you why we felt it was important for drip to do a Pride issue. And that reason is… well, space.


drip is a space for art reflective of the human experience, a space where marginalized voices will be amplified. The ability to explain ourselves, to share our stories, whether good or bad, whether as individuals or communities, is a gift we have as writers, as artists. Often times it’s the gift we turn to when the world turns its back on us. It’s the voice we use to remind the world that we are here and we deserve to be acknowledged. 


Art often shines a light on how we feel inside, whether or not that’s how we choose to, or are able to, present ourselves to the world, these stories are exceptionally important, especially now as it becomes increasingly dangerous to be queer in the United States. In a perfect world all people would be able to not only exist as our truest selves but thrive. In a perfect world every queer person would be free to move about whatever space we choose, without bigotry and hatred trying to stop us, erase us.  


As we all know this world we live in is far from perfect, it’s harsh, it’s heartbreaking, and sometimes it’s easy to lose hope. So many people in the LGBTQ+ community have never had a comfortable space to just exist, and the weight of that knowledge can be crushing. We deserve space, we deserve comfort, we deserve the room to try new things, to make mistakes and learn from them, we deserve ease. So here at drip we will always be a safe space for you to express yourselves, to express those things in writing you might not be comfortable saying out loud. We love you and we've got your back. Now, go fuck some shit up. 


Happy Pride, 


                                           Issue #4 - "Comfort"

                                                                                                                                                                     Submission Guidelines

Fiction/NF - Up to 5,000 words

Poetry - up to 3 poems

Please attach submission to email don't paste it into the body of the email.

In the subject line put your last name, name and genre of your piece. 

Send submissions to 

Interpret the theme however you want and send us your stuff! 

Happy writing! 

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