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[The Poetry]

Thick Blue Smoke

issue #1

[ Beginnings Collection ]



Ari Aquilla-Saund

[ The Writer ]

[ The process ]

"I'm a big muse writer - I take inspiration from friends, family, heck even enemies are excellent inspirations.  My penchant for muses directly affects my creative process; I have a poem-a-day writing challenge that I take on every November and April, and for this challenge I ask folks to submit one to five words. Then those suggestions become the titles of the poems.  In fact, all but one of the titles of my poems published by Drip Lit are sourced this way.  The singular exception, "Jed," was renamed for my BFF, Jed, after they legally changed their name and kissed their dead name goodbye."

issue #3

[ Fancy Pants ] 

Image by Gabor Barbely

"I’ll die here on this hill if that’s how it crumbles down"
[ Never Have I Ever ] 

"You’ll fit the stereotypes and then break the mold"

[ Irrepressible ]

issue #4

Never Have I Ever ] 


Image by Venti Views

[ The Fun Fact ] 


"I've never formally studied poetry since public high school, but I've been a playwright since 2007 and the two genres often overlap in weird, wonderful ways.  One of my favorite plays, Ntozake Shange's for colored girls who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enuf, is an exaple of how poetry can be a full-bodied, full-blown theatrical expereince."

issue #5

[ Every Mind is a Universe, Bunnies In Space, Jed ]


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