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Issue #4

[Po•et•ry ]

Image by Ravi Pinisetti

Grounding Meditation by Julene Tripp Weaver


Image by olga safronova

Poems [3]
by R. Gerry Fabian


In Autumn  
by Shamik Banerjee

Red Chairs

Going to the Movies
by Jonny Ransbottom


Poems [3]
by Linda Crate

Image by Gabor Barbely

Never Have I Ever
by Ari Chadwick-Saund

Dog paw print on wet wood in Belgium.jpg
Female hand in liquid white, drops drip from fingers, on a black background. Human hands i

Dog Rituals for Healing
by Diana Raab, PhD

The Physics of Invisible Ink
by Taryn Markle

Tea selection_edited.jpg


by Danielle Estelle Ramsay

Miami Shadows_edited.jpg

A Triumvirate of Poems
by John RC Potter


Image by Marcus Woodbridge

The Lighthouse Lady
by Shay Galloway

Eucalyptus Tree

Wasted in Laurel Canyon

by Mark Tulin

Image by Ray Fragapane

The Untold Path 

by Matthew Mirliani

A Mesmerizing 3D Abstract Multicolor Visualization.jpg

Pop's Time Machine
by Warren Benedetto

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drip x  NothingHunter
"Hiking Haikus"



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