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My name is Sam. I'm a writer [most days] with an MFA from Roosevelt University in Chicago. I'm a reader [all the days] with a healthy TBR pile. I started this magazine because I want to read your stuff and put it online. Send me your stuff. Thanks. :) 

drip literary magazine is a soft [and cuddly] landing place for the stuff that doesn't fit into neat little boxes. We want weird, we want messy, we want the stuff you wrote drunk at 4am, the stuff you wrote that you can't believe came from you. We want the stuff you've written without boundaries or limitations. We aren't here to argue about the differences between dragons and dinosaurs, we just want interesting stories. We love an ambiguous ending, we love an anti-hero. We don't want stuff that's misogynistic, racist, gratuitously violent, or anti-LGBT, take that shit somewhere else.

drip is not affiliated with any university or writing program.

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